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Miss Chickpea’s Cafetal

I haven’t eaten meat in ten years as of January 2021. For about the first five of those years, I was vegan (meaning I didn’t eat any animal by-products), and then the rest of those I’ve just been vegetarian (no meat products). As a vegetarian, you can have just about any bakery sweet that meat eaters can. That doesn’t mean that it’s healthy, but it’s accessible, and it usually tastes good. As a vegan in those early days, I craved brownies, ice-cream and especially donuts simply because those were nowhere to be found. And I’m a terrible cook, baker, etc. It wasn’t until the past few years that the vegan industry had really started to boom and all of the meat and dairy substitute options have flourished (just check the freezer section at your local grocery store and you’ll be amazed at the amount of different food they have available nowadays).

At my regular job, I have quite a few coworkers that are also vegan, vegetarian or just like to try new food so we’re constantly bouncing off new restaurants or eateries to one another. One of my coworkers kept recommending Miss Chickpea’s Cafetal saying that their kolaches were to die for! I haven’t had a kolache in 10 years mind you so I was definitely intrigued.  I was always too hesitant/lazy to drive over to the bake shop, however, because it was all the way on the other side of town so I just kept putting my visit off.

When I moved in with my Boyfriend-Fiancé last year, we started to experiment with new coffee places in the area, and one of them had the pastries from Miss Chickpea’s! The pastries were so yummy that we started to make the coffee shop a regular on the weekends (I’ll feature this particular coffee shop in another article!).

At the end of January, I got my 2nd COVID-19 vaccine, and  afterwards so I decided to treat myself to some coffee and a pastry. Naturally, I went to our regular coffee shop and saw that they had some of Miss Chickpea’s baked good on display – score! I decided to try one of the blueberry muffins because, who doesn’t love blueberry muffins, and with just that first bite, I immediately fell in love! It was easily the best blueberry muffin I had ever had. The top layer was so sweet and the blueberries inside were still fresh! The muffin was huge, and I probably shouldn’t have eaten it all in one sitting, but it was just so good that I had to finish it right then and there! It was at that moment that I knew that I finally needed to make the trek across town to visit Miss Chickpea in person.

So for my Boyfriend-Fiancé’s birthday this year, I surprised him with a trip over there! We had brought my little pup, Sassafras, along so he stayed in the car with her while I went in first. The inside is super cute and painted pink with colorful lights bordering the top of the walls. The baked goods are sitting on display as soon you walk in tempting you with their yumminess from the get-go. They seemed to have a small staff, and it was quite busy that morning so I had to wait about 20-30 minutes altogether, but the staff was very sweet, and I could tell they were working hard. I opted out for the baked goods because I could get most of those at the coffee shop that I go to and instead immediately scanned their menu for their meat substitutes. The one item that I had most wanted – their kolaches – weren’t ready yet, and I was a tad bit disappointed (okay, majorly disappointed), but the sweet woman at the register recommended the agave chicken biscuits instead so I got a few of those, a ham and cheese on croissant, and their chai tea with vanilla and oat milk at her recommendation.

Sassafras and I outside Miss Chickpea’s
The patio outside Miss Chickpea’s

Eating inside wasn’t an option as Boyfriend-fiancé was still in the car with little Sassy. The atmosphere was definitely very quaint though. Ever since COVID-19 hit though, I try to avoid eating inside restaurants even if social distancing protocols are being met (which they were). The café had a cute little patio outside on the side of the building with little picnic tables and lights strewn about for those wanting to eat outdoors. It was yucky outside that day though – drizzly and in the 50’s – and not only did the puppy not want to be outside in the weather, but neither did I, so we took our food to go to enjoy at home. I did sneak in a few sips of the chai latte on the way home and was immediately smitten. It is easily the second best chai latte I have ever had, and definitely the best vegan one I have ever had! Sassy must have thought it smelled amazing too because she was constantly trying to drink the chai as I was!

Sassafras trying to help me finish off my chai latte

Once we got home, we started pigging out on our goodies! I’ve never had Whataburger’s Honey Butter Biscuit, but I imagine that Miss Chickpea’s Agave Chicken Biscuit is the vegan equivalent. It was so good! Not overly sweet, slightly sticky and oh so filling! The fried chicken had an amazing texture as well – definitely a selling point for veggies that might miss fried foods! I was so full from the biscuit, that I shouldn’t have eaten the Ham and Cheese croissant, but I did (well, I ate the first half at least), and boy, was that also delicious!! I saved the other half for lunch, and while it came with what appeared to be plantain chips, I wasn’t the biggest fan and only tried the one before tossing the rest. It’s not that it tasted bad, but I just wasn’t a fan.

Agave Chicken Biscuit
Ham and Cheese Croissant

Yum! Two thumbs up!

All in all, I give Miss Chickpea’s Cafetal two major thumbs up! The selection of goodies is endless, everything tasted amazing and surpassed my expectations, and the staff was so lovely, friendly and knowledgeable! Next time, Miss Chickpea, I’m coming for your kolaches so save me some!!

Have any of y’all had Miss Chickpea’s before? If so, drop your favorite baked good or dish of her’s down below!

If you want to learn more about Miss Chickpea’s Cafetal, visit their website or their Facebook pages! Links down below!



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