I'm good(ish) at a lot of things.



A Lifestyle Blog about a woman who is good(ish) at many things but can never seem to excel at any one thing.

Why a Lifestyle Blog?

I’ve always loved reading and writing in school. My love for writing was solidified in 7th grade in one small and seemingly insignificant moment. If you asked me what the writing assignment was about, I couldn’t tell you exactly, but I remember the feeling of pride as I completed it and turned it. My teacher later called me up to her desk. She looked at me, looked down at my paper, closed her eyes and then looked back up at me.

I had written a short story comparing some event that was going on in my life to that of the Greek nymph, Daphne, as she ran just out of reach of Apollo’s grasp because she did not want to be caught; she wanted to be free. And instead of being caught and losing that freedom, she turned herself into a willow tree where she remained the rest of her days. “Daphne” translates to willow tree in Greek.

My English teacher then said, “I can’t wait to read to read your first book.” The feeling of pride and astonishment still makes my heart glow as I remember that moment.

I don’t expect that I’ll ever write a novel or be an accomplished writer, but I do hope that I can turn this meager talent into a way that I can share my joys and passions with all of you.

I chose to share these passion projects with all of y’all in a lifestyle blog because writing comes easy for me, and a blog allows me to share my stories, my photos, and honestly my life with y’all in a way that’s easily accessible.

My hope is that each of you will pursue your passion projects as well no matter how much time you have, how much money you have or how much talent you have. If it brings you joy, then do it!

Travel Adventures

To include coffee drinking, dog-friendly locations and yummy vegetarian/vegans restaurants.

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Cosplays, tv/movie reviews, all things Disney!


Dog and cat articles, fitness tips and tricks, arts and crafts projects.