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Beach Day with the Pups

I’ve always wanted to be that dog mom that takes her pups everywhere with her, including on vacation. With my new job, I only have two days off in a row every other week, and I don’t want to use my limited 10 days of vacation already so I had to think of a close-to-home mini-vacation, which turned out to be Mustang Island – a state park along the coast near Corpus Christi.

The hobbit squad and I, Mustang Island May 2021

I looked high and low on the internet for dog-friendly places near Mustang Island, and all I found was some seafood patio restaurants that allowed dogs. I’m a vegetarian so that didn’t really sound too appetizing. There was lent any other tourist-y things to with your pups, except go to the beach and maybe hit up a dolphin tour if you had a well-behaved pup (I might actually try that out later on). The reason I chose to just go to Mustang Island for my two days was one, it has strict leash laws for dogs (6 ft leashes only, no running loose) and two, it cost money ($5 a person) so I figured it would discourage irresponsible dog owners from going.

Mustang Island, May 2021

We found a super cute AirBNb that was very pet-friendly and didn’t have a limit on how many pets you could bring in downtown Port Aransas. It was right around the corner from an HEB and several coffee shops. The ferry leading to the island was only 10 ish minutes away, which was also nice. The only bummer about our stay was that someone’s dog got hit and killed by a car right in front of us as we were pottying our girls. RIP pupper.

So one thing I couldn’t find while researching our beach trip was some necessary beach items that all dog owners should bring with them. Obviously, I knew that the dogs needed water and shade, but there was also so many other things to consider. I’m gonna break down everything into categories: bought and didn’t use, bought and used and should have bought.

I wasted my money on: life jackets (none of the dogs wanted to swim), doggy sunscreen, Musher’s cream for their own, nose balm, play pen cover (I forgot the play pen), toys, goggles for Sassy.

Must Haves: water bowl, couple jugs of water, canopy, large beach picnic blanket, crates for rest time, cooling mat, poop bags.

Wish I would have brought: more stakes for the tent, the playpen (I forgot it).

Now, I’m not saying that the doggy sunscreen, nose balm and Musher’s Cream was unnecessary, just that I didn’t use it as the girls were mostly in the shade the whole time and didn’t actually want to be in the sand or water.

I think the most useful thing I brought were the dog crates so that the girls could go in there and chill with the cooling mat I had bought. Juggling three dogs – one with severe people anxiety, a second that is super aloof and a third hyperactive puppy – was a challenge at times, but the crates allowed us to get them out of the sun, as they were placed under the canopy, while I rotated them out to walk on the beach and attempt to get their feet wet.

Everybody that we saw there was very responsible with their pups and had them all on leashes. It was a Monday so there also wasn’t a lot of other people there so we had our own space.

We only ended up spending about 3-4 hours at the beach on Monday since the island was in flood watch from a nasty storm the day before (we had to drive through it, and it was pretty bad). I would say that was a good amount of time to introduce the girls to the beach. Pip is the only one that actually seemed to enjoy being in the beach. She didn’t particularly care for the water, but her beach bum vibes were definitely there.

Pip living that beach bum life, Mustang Island May 2021

All in all, it was an interesting little trip seeing as this was my first little “vacation” taking the hobbit squad with me, and I look forward to making these adventure trips for fluid and more often!

Oh, and just in case y’all needed to see Sassafras in a little doggy bikini, here ya go. ;)


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