I'm good(ish) at a lot of things.

About Me

About me

My name is Daphne.

I’m getting dangerously close to 30. I reside in the San Antonio, Texas area. I live with my fiancĂ©, our four dogs and one cat.

I have many hobbies, but I’m not particularly good at any of them. I’m here to help motivate you to indulge in your passion projects and hobbies even though they might not end up the way you want them to. As long as you’re having fun and feeling fulfilled, that’s all you really need!

Magic Kingdom, Nov 2020

My Journey of Self Discovery

When the COVID-19 pandemic really hit the US hard in March 2020, I was scared, confused and stressed like most human beings on this planet. I found myself becoming lost, unmotivated and increasingly unhappy with myself. I had so many passions, hobbies and projects that I wanted to do, but I kept finding excuses not to execute them.

Around September 2020, I turned 28 and realized that I finally needed to take charge of my life so I started my podcast “Bookish.Fitish.Cosplayish”. In this podcast, I am able to to have three mini-episodes a week featuring three of my passions – cosplay, fitness and books. This project helped re-motivate to better myself and to help others pursue their passion projects as well.

Soon, I realized that my podcast wasn’t covering enough. I had so much more passion in me for topics other than books, fitness, and cosplay. I am obsessed with my three dogs (and my cat), equally obsessed with all things Disney, and I love discussing current tv shows/movies and any new arts and crafts projects I may be working on.

If I can encourage one person to pursue a passion project that they’ve been afraid to attempt, then I will count myself as a successful lifestyle blogger. I would love to encourage and motivate all of you to delve into hobbies you’ve only dreamed of, but I’ll be content with one person at a time.<3